Currently, I am restoring a 1956 Tee Nee trailer to carry JSADesignwork’s new 16 ft. runabout. Still to complete on the trailer are the addition of the teardrop fenders and moon hubcaps.

Shown below is an original 1956 ad for the Tee Nee Trailer Company.

Photo courtesy of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc.

Just some general info for you: According to a 1955 article in Yachting magazine, there were 93,000 boat trailers made in the USA in the year 1954. In 1939 there were only 1,000 made; 1947 3,790; 1948 5,000; 1949 8,285; 1950 18,390; 1951 20,860; 1952 39,220; and 1953 72,350. That’s an increase of 93 fold over a fifteen-year period! In 1980 there were 176,100 new boat trailers sold in the United States. This jumped to 223,000 in 1988 and was down to 168,000 in 1999. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association there are an estimated 7, 313,700 boat trailers in the country at the present time.

What do these numbers tell us? First and foremost it lets us know that during the post war era, a recreation boom hit and boating was one area of great interest to Americans. It also tells us that most boats were not commonly moved overland from one location to another until the 1950s. Up to that time most boats were kept in the water nearby the user or the boat was small enough to be hauled easily on the roof of the auto, commonly referred to as a car topper. Information courtesy of The Antique and Classic Boat Society, Inc.